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Lesley and Nigel's Group Wednesday Night Track Schedule

May - June 2016

Simon's Group Wednesday Night Track Schedule

Awaiting Schedule

Tracy, Michelle and Claire's Group Wednesday Night Track Schedule

April - May 2016

Lee & Katie's Group Wednesday Night Track Schedule

May - August 2016

Friday Track Schedule

Awaiting Schedule

Friday night sessions are for runners of all abilities ie target splits for runners of 10 minutes per mile to seasoned 5 minute milers. Sessions are laid out in the schedule but if you prefer to do your own session you are more than welcome, just make sure you do not clash with the main group. We welcome runners who just want to have a social jog around the outside of the track within the safety of the facility. If you prefer training tailor made to suit your personal needs, just ask the coach in attendance for advice and they will assist you. This is a friendly and safe training session.

10Km Training Schedule

Beginners 10km Training Schedule

A 10 Week beginners training plan to help you successfully complete your first 10km comfortably.

Please be aware of track etiquette

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