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2017 Club & Marathon Championships

2014 Club Championship

As in recent years, we will run two Championship competitions through the year: a road & multi-terrain competition, in which you need to return a result in some nominated races, and a separate marathon competition.

Trophies will be awarded to the winners in the various categories in spring 2018.

Road & Multi-terrain Competition

The races for this year’s Club Championship comprise:

Feb 12 Wokingham HM
March 26 Woking 5 2,3
Apr 14 Maidenhead 10
May 07 Marlow 5
June 04 Chiltern Chase 10K 3
July 09 New Forest 10 3
July 23 Down Tow Up Flow HM 3,4
Aug 27 Headington 5 1
Sep 03 Maidenhead HM
17 Swallowfield 10K
Oct 01 O2O 10K
15 Tadley 10

1 Date confirmed.
2 The Woking 5 was known as the Fairoaks 5. 
3 Multi-terrain races; all others are predominantly road races
4 Replaces Hampshire Hoppit HM owing to race clash


You’re ranked in each race according to your finishing position relative to other club members in your age category. The first member home scores 50 points, the second member 49 points, etc. Even if you’ve scored a good result at a distance, it’s a good tactic to enter the other races in the same distance to prevent other members scoring equally well.
Note that your age category is set for the whole championship on the 1st Jan 17 . So, for example, a man reaching his 60th sometime after 1st January competes in the MV50 category throughout the championship.

Marathon Championship

The format of the Marathon Championship is the same as last year: rather than nominate specific races you can enter marathons of your choice anywhere in the world. If you want your result to count, make sure it’s recorded in the newsletter results section or mail it to The member recording the fastest result in each age category during the season will be declared the age category winner. Your age category is fixed according to your age on 1Jan17.

The season will run from 1st Jan to 31st Dec17.

Age Catagories

For both Championships the age categories are as follows:

Men Senior MV40 MV50 MV60 MV65 MV70 MV75 MV80
Ladies Senior FV35 FV45 FV55 FV60 FV65 FV70 FV75

Please read the rules below and if you have any questions, mail


Trophies will be awarded in each category in each championship, to be presented at the 2018 Club dinner dance.

Road & Multi-terrain Championship Rules

The rules are straightforward:

Marathon Championship Rules

The Marathon Championship rules are also very straightforward:


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